Racewood RDA Simulator

Virtually as easy as Riding a Horse...

We are very proud to have one of the top flatwork simulators in the country, so that all our riders can enjoy exploring the zoo, beach, castle and lakes. The simulator provides those challenged by live horses with the chance to enjoy the therapeutic beneftis of riding, whilst offering our more advanced riders the chance to learn new skills in a controlled and safe environment. 


In July this year we were lucky enough to finally purchase our long awaited specialist RDA Racewood Simulator to replace a very old and much loved pair of headless Racewood's from the 1990s.  After many hours of fundraising, more forms than our team care to remember and nail biting interviews to secure funding, our black beauty arrived at LRAC tucked in his cosy lorry.  We are all very excited to explore a whole new world that this piece of equipment brings to our riders and group as a whole. 


"The RDA Simulator walks, trots and canters, offering the same life-like action of a horse that our other simulators produce. Working directly with RDA centres in the UK, Racewood have developed an all-new digital landscape. Based on the countryside challenge, riders now get the opportunity to explore over 4,000 acres of land, that ranges from a stroll through a village, to a hack through the woods and even a run on the beach. Along the way we've placed milestones and interactive features that allow the rider to engage even more with the environment e.g. posting a letter, collecting eggs, visit the farmyard. The software keeps track of how far each rider has travelled, the locations they have visted and the things they have seen on their ride and has the option to provide a printed certificate

The Lincolnshire Wolds RDA simulator is also The fully interactive Dressage Simulator offering a revolutionary way to focus on skills and balance by viewing immediate visual feedback on seat position and riding movements." Racewood Ltd.